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B2B Partnering

In 2023, Simon will be competing in the Fun Cup Endurance Championship there are great B2B Partnering opportunities available to you and your business by being involved with Simon - don't be scared away, read on!

Partners want to achieve business benefit from their investment.


This is typically derived from the development of important business relationships in the context of a highly exciting sporting situation. For example, by inviting clients and prospects to join them at race meetings, often with some level of hospitality provided, from brand awareness through advertising on our race car and associating their brand with Simon Rudd's motorsport activities.

As an independent racing team, we have more options available than most teams and are able to offer some unique opportunities to sponsors and partners. Sponsors and business partners continue to utilise a range of strategic activation opportunities and participation grants a powerful opportunity to bring alive a brand. That’s why our sponsors and partners have benefited from business to business opportunities.

Why can we offer so much? This is the culmination of many years work within motorsport which, with the help of family, friends and our loyal group of sponsors/partners, has helped us to reach this point. The fact that we introduce our sponsors and partners to each other has helped them with their own businesses too as, where possible, they look to conduct business ‘in-house’, therefore adding additional value to their involvement with us.



There are various opportunities to suit all budgets which can include:

  • Share of team name

  • Company logo on the 2024 Fun Cup race car

  • Features on this website

  • Link from Simon's website to your company website

  • Company logo on all of Simon's posters

  • TV exposure on various championship media channels

  • Company branding on team clothing

  • Company branding on Simon's overalls

  • Coverage in press releases

  • Professional photographs supplied

  • Opportunity to promote within the Fun Cup hospitality areas

  • Regular features and exposure on Social Media

  • Access to the Simon Rudd Business Hub and B2B introductions

  • Exclusive track days

  • Staff and Customer Competitions



Inland Revenue and VAT

The sponsorship proposal is a legitimate expense, as the cost of sponsorship is incurred wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the trade. These sponsorship and advertising opportunities will help out your business in front of an audience you might not otherwise have had access to. Please take advice from your accountant to ensure maximum benefit is received from HMRC.

Interested in how we can increase and compliment B2B opportunities for you? Call us a call on 01634 719791 or fill in the form below and we will get in touch.


Packages start from just £1000+vat

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